Sunday, July 17, 2016

Vince Gil Concert

Last evening I attended an incredible concert at the South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset.  Vince Gil along with his eight piece band performed well over two hours. He remarked that he has returned to play in Cohasset every summer for thirty-five years. The fact that nearly all 2,300 seats were filled is a testament to his ability as a singer, songwriter, and masterful guitarist. I first saw him there with my brother in the late 90s, again maybe six or seven years ago, and he is as good as he ever was. As would be expected, each member of his band was also outstanding.

For those who have never been to the Music Circus, let me just say it is an awesome place to see a concert as no seat is more than fifty feet from the stage. I remember Martina McBride a few years ago saying what a pleasure it was to perform here. Being used to playing in huge arenas, she thought it was wonderful to actually be able to see the faces of audience members. The performers always seem to get a kick out of the fact that the stage slowly revolves. Yes, it's a great venue, but since it is a tent it is subject to the weather. . . no air conditioning here.  Last night it was like taking a sauna with 2,000 of your closest friends. Hot! Humid! Hot! When Vince introduced the members of his band, he remarked that the drummer was the only smart one as he was wearing shorts. Sure enough, after the intermission folks roared with laughter when Vince came down the aisle also wearing shorts!!!

If you have never been to one of his concerts, I urge you to do so. Those guitars were cranking all night and his voice was strong and true.

The only bad part was that I had to cut short my time at my little cousin's seventh birthday party in the afternoon. I am happy to report that he liked the "fun things" and the books (former English teachers always give books:-) that I picked out for him. Funniest part of all . . . I also gave him a shirt with a character on the front. He took it out of the bag, immediately pealed off the shirt he was wearing, ripped off the tags, and put it on. Successful presents . . .

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  1. Sounds like you gave the perfect gift and had the best time at the concert. . .sounds liked you "rocked" on all fronts!--Terry