Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Bevy of Bridal Gowns

Today I would like to share with you something enchanting. For the past couple of years, my friend Kathy has been making clothes for American Girl dolls.  She doesn't use store-bought fabric, but rather, fabric with special significance. For example, one woman asked if she could make dresses from some bridesmaids gowns and so she did. They were adorable! Another of Kathy's friends recently asked if she could make doll bride dresses for each of her three granddaughters from her bridal gown which she had worn thirty-three years ago .

As you can see, this lovely dotted swiss gown had yards of lace and ribbon. Not only was Kathy able to make three dresses, but she designed each dress differently. Notice the lace she applied to the sleeve of one gown.

A veil accompanies each dress. 

Here's a closer look at the front and back of my favorite.

Now, Kathy didn't stop there; she had just enough fabric left to make a dress (a size 4-5) for the oldest granddaughter. She used a piece of lace for the bodice and ribbons to make a headband. There is also a beaded headpiece.  All of these elements came from the original gown. Hopefully, this special dress will be worn in turn by each of the granddaughters as they grow.

Kathy was going to deliver the dresses to her friend this afternoon, and I can only imagine how delighted she must have been. How lucky these little girls are to have such a loving grandmother, and how lucky the grandmother is to have such an incredibly talented seamstress friend.

Thank you, Kathy, for letting me share your photos and wonderful work with my readers.


  1. What beautiful dresses! They are sure to be cherished!!

  2. What an amazing way to honor a special dress!