Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Sampler

Besides gardening, I have been doing some quilting. My crazy quilt project is coming along well, and I have been working on some rows for a quilt from last year's "2015 Row by Row" Experience.  The theme last year was "Water," and perhaps my favorite row of all was from Quilter's Fancy in Cortland, Ohio. During the initial phase of the "Row by Row Experience" you must visit each shop in person to obtain its free pattern or to purchase a kit. After November 1st, you may contact any participating shop to buy its pattern or kit. I had seen photos of the awesome mermaid row from Quilter's Fancy online, and so, I ordered the kit. I didn't purchase their additional embellishing kit as I already have anything that I might need for that part.

I thought it might be interesting, especially for non-quilters, to see some of the steps involved. The kit came with these luscious fabrics and here you see the various layers pinned and ready to be top stitched to create the ocean background.

After the background was sewn, the shell, mermaid, and fish were added. (You may click on any photo to see a larger view.)

I had not purchased the additional kit for the mermaid's hair, so next I had to search my stash for something that would work. Though I tried a number of fabrics, none seemed quite right, so I visited a local quilt shop where I found this brown batik with its different shadings and lines. I placed the pattern pieces around the fabric to take full advantage of the tonal range.

Salt water does nothing for human hair, but just look at this mermaid's glorious tresses. :-)

This is only the beginning stage as the various elements are merely fused at this point. Everything will need to be stitched, and then the real fun will begin!!!  I'll be embellishing the piece with beads, jewels, shells,  yarn, and embroidery. (It might be nice if I start by giving this lovely mermaid some facial features.) This row will not be part of a quilt but will instead be made into a separate  wallhanging.

Finally, I wanted to share a photo of the sweatshirt pillow that my neighbor made for her granddaughter.  Isn't it a clever idea!!!

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  1. Your mermaid has such wonderful detail! A sweatshirt pillow. . .how interesting!!! Thanks for sharing!--Terry