Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sun Printing - Lessons Learned

This morning when I took Emma for a very short walk before the day's heat set in, we passed a mimosa tree with low branches hanging over the sidewalk. I wondered how they would work in sun printing, so I plucked a few small pieces. 

On the spur of the moment, I grabbed my supplies and headed outside. My foam core board is covered with clear contact paper over which I placed a plastic sheet. Drops of Dye-Na-Flow were scattered across the slightly dampened white fabric. Next I spritzed it with water from a spray bottle and used a foam brush to cause the colors to spread. It was necessary to work very quickly in the heat as I placed random items around the piece.

Lesson 1 Learned: Next time gather items before putting down the paint.

I intended to cut the finished fabric into various small pieces to use in future art quilts, but looking at this photo I should have noticed the shadows being cast. 

Lesson 2 Learned: The items placed on top of the paint need to be absolutely flat.

Was this my first time sun printing? No. Why did I forget what I already knew??? I'm totally blaming it on the heat wave that we have been having. So, my results this morning weren't too successful, but in spite of that, it was a good refresher for me.

The mimosa pieces are pretty good, and I loved the spatula image. I've already trimmed the rims off the two white plastic pieces in the top right for the next time. The small plastic sprocket pieces worked; the other little circular pieces not being flat, didn't.

The good thing is you can always repaint, stamp, or alter any section that doesn't turn out well.

Next step . . . let it dry twenty-four hours then iron it on the reverse side.
Better luck next time . . .   Stay cool.    :-)

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  1. I rather like the mood those circular like items left behind. I think sun printing would be fun; but, I must "focus" and stay on my current project! Thanks for sharing!!