Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tale of the Mermaid's Tail

Since it has been hot, hot, hot here as it has been all across the country, for the most part I have been staying in the air conditioning and doing some stitching. Today, I gave the mermaid a face using one strand of light blue floss. If you click on the photo, you can see a close up of her fabulous jewels. :-)

The design on the tail was done with gold, metallic floss which was extremely difficult to work with as it kept shredding. The tail was also embellished with beads which do not show up too well in this photo.

Here you can see the bubbles better. They were each made with a clear sequin and a clear seed bead on top.  In person, they really do look like water bubbles.

 I had bought the fabric kit and pattern from the Quilter's Fancy Quilt Shop in Cortland, Ohio. Since I am a crazy quilter, I did not purchase the embellishing kit as I already have quite an assortment of beads, floss, sequins, etc. It has been a fun project to work on and after a bit of seaweed stitching, it will be ready to be quilted.


  1. I bet those clear sequin and seed beads really do look like bubbles! I'm glad that the heat hasn't melted you yet.

  2. As always, beautiful work Janet. Will you quilt it or have someone else do the honors?

    1. Thank you. This piece is just 10" by 40," so I will quilt it. It's going to hang on my fireplace.

  3. coming along nicely ... and a good way to stay cool it seems x