Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Another Teapot for My Garden

 My friend Janice had given me this teapot to use in a garden art project, and so I decided to make another teapot feature for the front border of my large garden. I didn't want to go to the expense of purchasing the copper pipe, copper fittings, and floor flange again, so I decided to simplify the design.  I followed the instructions given in the link indicated in one of my recent posts, but this time all I did was hang the teapot on a small shepherd's hook. Instead of a china cup and saucer, I used this bright over-sized mug.  A short length of a bamboo fishing pole was substituted for the copper pipe. (You could go to a craft store and get a dowel with the right thickness and then cut it to the proper length.) Truly, the hardest part is lining up both elements so the beads cascade into the mug/cup.

 I wanted to show you this hibiscus in my large garden. When I bought this plant, it was just starting to form buds. Imagine my delight the other morning when I saw these luncheon plate size blossoms. Wow!

My daylilies and bee balm are also in bloom. I have bee balm in shades of red, pink, and magenta.

Just look how much more color there is in my small garden since last week's post.

It rained in the early hours of this morning, so I was able to capture the drops on these plants before heading off to my flute lesson.  

The weeding and mulch spreading will just have to wait for another day, and since the forecasters have indicated that hot, humid weather is moving in, I plan to stay inside tomorrow and do some quilting. :-)  

These images were all taken with my iPhone; sometimes I am just too lazy to use my "real" camera, even though I should. :-)

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  1. Love the second tea pot and the pink snapdragon was my favorite!