Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend: I know I sure did. On Thursday I went to one cousin's home for a delicious dinner and a very relaxing, fun afternoon. All of my seven littlest cousins were there with their parents. 
    Friday morning I headed to Stoughton for our monthly quilting weekend. I left early in the afternoon, stopped home to let Emma out to play, fed her and then headed to Beverly for another cousin's annual Beverly Tree Lighting pre-party. Armed with cups of hot chocolate guests headed to the Common. The crowd was entertained by a choral group from Beverly High. Soon, a police car's flashing blue lights signaled the arrival of Santa Claus. It's amazing how this very, very busy man manages to fit the tree lighting ceremony into his busy schedule each year! 
     Saturday and Sunday after church I went to Stoughton where I spent the time working on my actress   cigarette silks  - crazy quilting blocks. Tomorrow I will post some completed pages. 

     Finally, last week I was at the pet store to purchase food for Emma. I happened to stroll by the apparel section, and this little pink jacket caught my eye. Really, you have to admit it's perfect for Emma. It has an attached little black knitted hood. It would have taken a stronger woman than I am to pass it up since it was on sale!!! This photo was taken Wednesday morning; here's the next day, Thanksgivng Day after we received a few inches of snow. Emma is wearing her warmer little blur parka.

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