Saturday, November 8, 2014

Adventures with Emma - Scary Moments

     More about this Halloween quilt later in this post. First, some scary moments from yesterday morning. Things began as usual. I took Emma outside on a leash before breakfast. After breakfast, I began working on the finishing details for this Halloween quilt. Emma wanted to go out again, so I opened the door on the porch to let her. My backyard is completely enclosed by a chain link fence. After about five or ten minutes, I went to call her in. She didn't respond to my call and was nowhere in sight. It was then that I saw that the gate was wide open. I was terrified. My asthma wasn't very good yesterday, but I tried hurrying down the street calling her name. Nothing. I returned for my rescue inhaler and then headed in the opposite direction. No luck. Real panic was beginning to set in at that point. I called my friend who was coming to spend the day quilting and asked her to please hurry to help me search for Emma. Then I hopped into the car and began driving slowly around the neighborhood trying to spot her. When I came around the corner, I spotted a pickup truck in my driveway and a man returning Emma into the backyard. I parked across the street, jumped out, and began thanking the two men. "Where did you find her?" I asked. They told me she was down at the diner happily greeting people who were entering and leaving. [A neighbor later remarked that Emma was smart to have headed for a place with food. Nope . . . I know my Emma; she was drawn by the people. She is one very social dog.] Thank goodness my cell phone number and address are engraved on a little pink bone which she wears on her collar. The whole adventure lasted probably no more than fifteen minutes, but it was very, very frightening. Both the street that I live on and the one around the corner where the diner is located are very, very busy.
     I don't know why the gate was open or why I hadn't noticed it when I had taken her out earlier. I do know that the evening before it had been raining when I rolled out the recycling to the curb. I can only think that in my haste to do it quickly I had neglected to latch the gate. I realize how very, very lucky I was to get her back safe and sound.
     Now about the Halloween quilt . . . it was made for one of my little cousins who was born on Halloween six years ago. She selected all of the focus fabrics and I added the co-ordinating prints. The pattern is "Urban Cabin" by Atkinson Designs.
     Also, the last time that I posted I mentioned that there were hundreds of vendors at the Houston International Quilt Festival.

What did I bring home? Well, let's see: three patterns, five fat quarters, a rubbing plate for surface design, a yard of Japanese fabric, beading thread, a book by Melody Crust, a roll of hand dyed fat quarters, colorful rickrack, and some beautiful pearl cotton threads. The pearl cotton was from Artfabrik; I knew I was in trouble when I spotted that tantalizing booth. :-)

Just look at all of these lush colors! The pearl cotton, rickrack, and beading threads will be used in my crazy quilting projects. As you can see, I showed a great deal of restraint in my purchases. :-) 

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  1. its such a horrible feeling! .. esp when there are going to be fireworks etc around...Gus went missing one year right on Bonfire night ... event here in the UK where we remember Guy Fawkes and co who attempted to blow up parliament! LOTS of bonfires and fireworks .. Gus HATES all that sort of thing .. luckily he (somehow!) found his way to my parents bungalow .. its amazing how they manage to get themselves to safety xx Glad she found a safe place xx