Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More from Houston 2014

We arrived in Houston on Tuesday afternoon. This is the captivating view from the registration area on the second floor. . . vendors to the left . . . vendors to the right . . . as far as the eye could see. They were all busy setting up their booths. What a tantalizing sight!!!

That evening we attended the award ceremony held in the ballroom. The winning quilts were hung on the walls but hidden behind black curtains.  After the Honorable Mention, Third, and Second Place winners in each category were announced, a curtain would be raised to reveal the First Place winner. Here are three of my favorites.  "Beneath My Wings" was created by David Taylor of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The detail was exquisite.  Click on the images to see a larger version, but even that won't fully do it justice. It is magnificent.

The top quilt in the Art- Whimsical category was the absolutely delightful "Eloise Joins the Circus" by Janet Fogg from Lake Oswego, Oregon.

It was beyond wonderful! Just look at this close-up.

Another beauty was "British Garden."

Here's a close-up.

"Umbrellas in the City" was definitely one of my very favorite quilts. This visually stunning piece  received, I believe, a second place, but I'm not sure in which category. I just know it was awesome.

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