Sunday, November 9, 2014

Some Interesting Quilts from Houston

     All of the quilts at the Houston International Quilt Festival were outstanding. I took photos of many quilts that caught my eye, and here are just a few. The above button creation, "Red Sunflower," by Susan Bianchi was a delight to the eye!

     Not only am I drawn to buttons, but I've also been bitten by the crazy quilt bug. Look at these impressive pieces.

If you love crazy quilting, check out Geraldine's blog Older Rose

Betty Pillsbury has a website . . . Betty Pillsbury - Crazy Quilts & Embroidery

Here are three more wonderful pieces.

To see more of her work, visit her website Eileen Williams - Fiber Art from the Crystal Cove of North Carolina.

Virginia Greaves quilt was based on "Migrant Mother", an evocative black and white photo taken by Dorothea Lange from her work documenting the living conditions of farm workers and their families during the Great Depression for the U.S. Farm Security Administration.

Look at this lovely quilt by Nancy Ryan and see more of her work on her website Nancy Ryan Quilts.

Finally, what with going to the quilt festival and finishing the Halloween quilt for my now six year old cousin, I haven't spent much time practicing my flute. My next lesson is on Wednesday, so I'm trying to practice twice a day to make up for my laziness. Here's Emma casting a critical eye as I practiced this morning after church. I know I have posted a similar photo before, but it just cracks me up whenever I look down and see her. She is either enjoying the music or wondering just how much longer she will have to wait before we go for our walk. 

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