Monday, November 3, 2014

Star Block Challenge at Houston International Quilt Festival 2014

 The last time NASA astronaut and quilter Karen Nyberg went into space she brought a few tools, thread, and scraps of fabric with which she created a star block, not an easy task in a weightless environment. A challenge was later issued to quilters everywhere to make and submit a nine inch star block for a special display during the festival. Each star block also had the maker's name along with his or her city and state. Organizers thought they might receive a couple of hundred blocks. Instead they received over 2200!!! These blocks were then sewn together by some hardworking Texas quilters and the results were displayed on twenty-eight panels. It was truly impressive.

Here's Edith pointing to her block.

I walked around and around and scanned each panel before Edith located mine.

 I posted a photo of my completed block earlier this summer. Here it is.

I guess this means that Edith and I can now say we each had a piece in the Houston Quilt Show. Psssst  . . . don't tell anyone it was only a nine inch block. :-) 

It was great fun on preview night to see other quilters also searching for and posing with their blocks.

NASA had a display at the show, and Astronaut Karen Nyberg even made a special appearance.

Note: This post shows up attached to my Monday post due to the time difference. It's published with Pacific Standard Time which suggests erroneously that they were written on the same day. Rather than rewrite and repost the images, I'll just leave it this way.

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