Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Final Reflections on Houston Quilt Festival 2014

     Final reflections . . . one more look at just how large the George Brown Arena is. Across the street there is a little park with a small lake.

I can see either of these as a subject of an art quilt.

Here's the view from one of the arena's outdoor balconies. 

Another new hotel is going up.

I thought this interesting building had the look of a modern quilt.

On Thursday night we went with two ladies I had met on a quilt retreat in Tuscany in 2010 and their friends to have dinner at a restaurant at the Aquarium. It was truly beyond awesome. We had an early reservation, so we were lucky to be seated only a few feet from the giant central tank.

When I returned home, I told Valerie all about it. She appeared to be listening intently especially when I told her how big the enormous tank was.

We flew home on Saturday. Don't you just love having a window seat!

I urge any quilters reading this to definitely go to Houston some time  for the International Quilt Festival.
     Note to self for future reference: next time plan to arrive on Wednesday for the preview evening and leave on Sunday.  Also, consider taking one of the all-day trips.

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