Thursday, December 4, 2014

Crazy Quilt Pages - Actresses - Cigarette Silks

   As you can see, I have been making progress on my crazy quilt project. Today I thought I would show you some more completed pages.

     I am really enjoying this work and have another crazy quilting project in mind when I finish this one.
     Yesterday was "Ladies Lunch" day. When my cousin's little girls have early dismissal, we often have "Ladies Lunch." They arrived a bit after noon, and Emma met them with every ounce of tail wagging - happy dancing possible. She loves these girls and their mom as much as I do. Next it was off to lunch and then we went on an adventure to The Christmas Place in Abington. Interestingly enough, this store was featured on Chronicle last night. They said it is the largest Christmas store in all of New England. The girls each selected an ornament and enjoyed seeing the dancing penguins, the train layout, and all of the trees and ornaments. Our last stop was at the quilt shop where Lucy picked out fabric to be used in a quilt that I am making for her birthday. All in all, it was a very fun day!!!

Update: I have reposted these photo which now reflect the colors more accurately.

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