Monday, December 15, 2014

Adventures with Emma - Turkey Alert

     Here's Emma just back from our morning walk. I'd like to tell you it was uneventful, but that wouldn't be true. We started out, and as it was much colder than I thought it would be, I decided to cut our long walk in half.  Everything was fine until we were passing a house where there were fifteen to twenty wild turkeys pecking around the front and side yard. Fortunately, there was a hedge, so Emma didn't see them. I kept silently repeating, "Don't let her see them," and as I indicated she didn't. My luck ran out two houses down where there were eight to ten more turkeys in a side yard. Oh my gracious goodness!!! Such frenzied barking and flapping of wings as they took off up into the trees . . . truly a sight to behold!!! Two turkeys ended up on the roof of a neighboring house. How I would have liked to have captured that picture. My iPhone was with me, but I didn't dare loosen my grip on her leash. Sometimes I will just step on the end of the leash to anchor it, but she was much too excited. 
    One dark, dreary morning last week Emma also spotted three white-tailed deer in the woods behind my house. I wouldn't have even seen them if her barking had not caused them to turn around, check us out, then jump leisurely over the stonewall and be on their way.
     Life with Emma is always interesting.

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  1. good for her ... nothing like a bit of barking to warm you up in the mornings xx lol x