Wednesday, May 27, 2020

This and That Thursday


We in Massachusetts are now in phase one opening status. For me, this meant an appointment at the dentist this morning. I had had an implant procedure quite a few months ago, and today was to be just a quick visit to have the tooth attached. Of course, I was concerned about going, but I knew my dentist would take all necessary precautions. The long quarantine meant that what I feared might happen, did. My teeth had shifted slightly, the new tooth didn't fit, and new impressions had to be  taken. G'rrrrrr. I will have to go back in three weeks. So, why am I bothering to tell you this? It was interesting to see the changes at the dental practice. First, upon arriving in the parking lot, I phoned to let them know that I was there.  Since I was the only patient at that time, I was told to come in and fill out some forms with covid-19 related questions. My temperature was also taken. Only two chairs at opposite ends of the waiting area were not roped off with caution tape. When I reached the dental chair and removed my mask, I was given some hydrogen peroxide mouthwash to swish around for twenty seconds. The dentist and his assistants were all masked and some had protective face shields.

After leaving, I drove to a local garden center for some gardening retail therapy. To make up for my disappointment that the procedure was still not completed, I treated myself to this beautiful hanging pot. :-) Although they appear purple, these flowers are actually a beautiful shade of blue.

Another reason I am posting today is because of what I read on another blog this morning. Did you hear that Crafty/Bluprint is ceasing operations soon? What???? Yes, it is true. You may read the letter to customers here. I know I have a couple of classes that I haven't even viewed yet. They haven't indicated when operations will cease, but it would appear that classes, which we purchased with the understanding access would be available forever, are now in jeopardy. I'll have to view all my purchased programs soon. 

My down the street neighbor, fellow Crosstown Quilter, and friend of Emma, Elizabeth R. shared this advice.  You may click on this image to enlarge it.

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A very somber note to end on . . . 
This evening the United States has reached a horrible milestone with over 100,000 deaths.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Have hope. We will get through this.

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Mereknits said...

Glad your dental appointment went well. That note is such a sign of those times, always looking presentable and your house had to as well. still I fear we have not made a whole lot of progress since then.