Thursday, March 19, 2020

Jack's Chain and Spring Is Here!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and knowing that today would be cold and rainy, I took Emma for a long walk. Along the way, I photographed these crocuses.

Today, I offer you something beautiful to gaze upon, my friend Maribeth's latest quilt. The pattern is "Jack's Chain." It is pretty awesome in the photo, but trust me, it is even more spectacular in person!!! Look at all of those pieces!!!

Now for some quilt related possibilities. People in the quilting community are stepping up to give comfort and support; none more so than Alex Anderson. She is posting free mini lessons on The Quilt Show. Monday's talk was on neutrals and yesterday she talked about choosing fabric for a project. You do not need to join to see these lessons. She will be giving another lesson tomorrow at 1:00 EST. Simply go to The Quilt Show and click on the "Daily Blog." She is also posting skype interviews with some big name quilters. Yesterday it was Victoria Findlay Wolfe; upcoming are Katie P.M., Bonnie Hunter, and Laura Wasilowski who is offering a free hand stitch along, "Tools of the Trade." The big news is that The Quilt Show is planning something special for International Quilting Weekend; go to the site for more details.

New topic . . . has all this hand washing and cold weather caused painful cracks in your skin? I found something that really, really works, Gold Bond Cracked Skin Relief. It has a thin applicator and you just squeeze a tiny bit into the crack . . .  instant relief. (That is until you again wash your hands and need to reapply it.)

Coronavirus update: Department stores, theaters, and playgrounds are closed. Some supermarkets are offering very early hours exclusively for those 60+, the high risk group. The number of deaths in Italy has now surpassed that of China.

Stay safe and be kind to yourself. We are all in this together.

3 comments: said...

That Jack's Chain quilt is beautiful!

Mereknits said...

Stay safe my friend and by the way the quilt is amazing.

Janice Smith said...

My friend Maribeth truly does incredible work!