Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 - My Quilt Year in Review

Many of the quilt blogs that I follow seem to be offering a year end review, and so I thought I would do one as well. The criteria was simple: the piece had to have been completed in 2015.  This little piece is a fun way to display my collection of Christmas tree pins.

"Snowmen Friends" was my first fabric and wool appliqué piece.

I created a crazy quilt book featuring pages with actresses on cigarette silks from the turn of the last century.

Here are two of the pages.  If you would like to see the other pages, please click here.

I completed four quilts for my young cousins. The first was for Lucy for her ninth birthday.

The triplets for their tenth birthdays also received quilts. . . a Star Wars quilt and two Paintbox quilts with slightly different colors.

We also had a new baby in the family, and so I made this sweet little rail fence quilt 

and a small comfort quilt to donate.

I loved this piece with all of the tiny buttons.

And speaking of buttons . . . 

There were a few seasonal pieces. 

I also made two table runners and two bags as Christmas gifts.  I was pretty surprised when I saw all these pieces. I would have said that I hadn't accomplished all that much this year, but I guess I would have been wrong. :-)

Now if I could just finish the Christmas tree skirt, the three big quilt tops and the smaller one waiting  on my spare bed to  be quilted, the hummingbird appliqué piece, etc. I'd like to make a New Year's resolution that I won't start anything new until these UFOs are finished, but I know myself and that won't happen. :-)  


  1. looking at the projects we complete in a given time span is so much fun .. and the memories it stirs are soo worth remembering xx

  2. You are so talented Janice. These are all so beautiful.