Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Fun at Weston Park in Weymouth Landing

Yesterday after Mass I went home to grab my camera as I knew Weston Park would be filled with happy sledders after the previous night's snowfall and so it was.

There are many slides, swings, and other climbing structures for use in the warmer months at Kids Landing, and it is located just steps away from the Childen's Room at the Tufts Library. 


 This park was depicted in a famous watercolor/collage painting by Susan Torrey Merritt in either 1845 or 1853. The painting, "Fourth of July Picnic a Weymouth Landing," is hanging in a gallery at The Art Institute of Chicago. What had originally been seen as a holiday picnic is now thought to have been a gathering of abolitionists. You may see the painting and read about its more recent interpretation at The Civil War in Art.

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  1. love to see snow... in other peoples pictures.. just not where I am xx keep warm and safe x