Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow and Cold

Monday morning, Emma and I  awoke to find that four or five inches of snow had fallen during the night.  Since it was a picture-perfect day, after shoveling I grabbed my camera and went for a ride.  This is the Meetinghouse on the Cohasset Common. While in that area, I also stopped by the lobster trap Christmas tree in the harbor. You can not imagine how very, very cold it was with the wind whipping in over the water. I took five or six quick shots and jumped right back into my car.


This gazebo is not far from my house. I had been hoping I would be able to get a photo with the wreath and some snow.

The temperature by this time had really dropped so I returned home and took down my Christmas wreath which I replaced with this winter piece purchased at the Labourre House Tour in December.

This was the first photo that I had taken early Monday morning.

It was the very nicest sort of snow. . . light, fluffy, easy to shovel, and best of all it didn't cling to Emma's furnishings. Because of the temperature, we couldn't stay out long. Emma doesn't seem to look too happy that her playtime in the snow ended so quickly.

One thing Emma does very well is whenever I say "Towel," she goes immediately to it and stands there while I dry her. It's one of the things she does best. Now if only she would just respond consistently whenever I yell, "Come!" Most of the time she responds well, but she has selective hearing when there are any squirrels, birds, or other distractions around. :-)

Tuesday and today are pretty darn cold even for us hearty New Englanders and a potentially significant storm is headed our way Saturday so stay warm and bundled up!!!

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