Friday, January 8, 2016

A Day of Quilting

My friend Laurel came to spend the day quilting, and I actually accomplished something. :-) The first thing I made was the block carrier in the foreground for applique pieces. In case you aren't sure of what that means, let me explain. There are two layers of fabric sewn together, one of which is flannel. You place your pieces down and then you are able to roll the whole thing up and your pieces will all stay in place. If you google 'appliqué block carriers,' you will find many tutorials for this project.

In the back, there are five comfort pillows to bring to our next guild meeting and one of the members will deliver them to a local hospital. Originally, these comfort pillows were intended for patients who had breast surgery, but now they are also given to any patient who has had any type of chest surgery. They may be used to relieve the pressure from seat belt straps or slipped under the arm to relieve pressure from the sore or sensitive chest area. 

Meanwhile, my halls have all been de-decked and everything stored away in the cellar for next Christmas. Well, that is everything except the living room tree which while empty still needs to be lugged downstairs. Oh well, that will get done this weekend.

Interesting weather note: we have only had .9 inches of snow so far this winter, but last year at this time we had only had 4.6 inches and then look what happened. We ended up with 110.6 inches for the season!!! Let's hope we don't repeat that this year.

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