Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I Saw a Dragon Today

I saw a dragon resting in the field at Hornstra Farm in Norwell, MA this afternoon.  Really, I did . . .

Check out his steely eyes and powerful jaws dripping with grass and dirt. Truly amazing . . .

Well, it made me smile on a day which had been a bit sad for me. My brother went home to God on this day twenty years ago; he was far too young at just forty-nine. It doesn't seem possible that it has been twenty years. These photos would definitely have made him smile, too,  as he loved all types of machines and tools.

Later in the afternoon, Emma, a friend, and I checked out the park at the Emery Estate atop King Oak Hill in East Weymouth. No, your eyes do not deceive you; this home built in 1903 was modeled on George Washington's beloved Mount Vernon. The home belonged to a family of prominent wool merchants from 1916 until the twenty-four acre property was purchased by Weymouth in 2011.  There is a short walking path and a pavilion for outside events.

By the way, when you go to Hornstra Farm for the world's best ice cream, be sure to try the coffee oreo; it's simply delicious :-)

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