Sunday, April 2, 2017

Just When You Think You Have Seen It All . . .

Here's another completed block for the Yoko Saito hand applique project on which I am working based on her book, Floral Bouquet. I'm not sure whether I stitched on the right or wrong side of the fabric, but I like this side's nubby texture. Ricky Tims always says that since you paid for both sides of the fabric, you are free to use whichever side you please.

Now . . . regarding this post's title . . . this morning after church Emma and I went for a walk. We had been cooped up all day yesterday since it had been a cold, miserable, blustery, rainy day. Some areas of New England received six inches of snow, but we only received slush which has since all disappeared. Today it's a beautiful, warm spring day. Anyway, we were on our walk when suddenly Emma came to a complete stop as did I.  Before our eyes was a large, two-toned grey pot bellied pig. Emma didn't bark, but rather stood there staring. The pig was on a leash attached to a harness, so Emma took it in stride and began wagging her tail. The pig then came to the edge of the stone wall. I'm not sure Emma knew what the heck it was, but it appeared as if she would have been quite happy to play with it.  Later on the way back, we saw the pig and its owner heading in the front door!!! I have never seen this pig before, but he appeared to be quite a fine pet. :-)


  1. We once provided in home care for a pot bellied pig while her owners were away for two weeks! She slept in a crate; peed and pooped outside--we had no house "accidents" and was quite the entertainer! She was a house pig though and through. I tried to walk her on a leash; but, there was no way she was doing that! :) Emma sounds like she is friendly with all kinds of animals. I also think she is adorable. Every picture you post makes me wish I could give her a good body rub!

  2. Well, Emma has never met a human that she hasn't loved and she is good with other dogs, but cats and squirrels drive her bonkers!