Saturday, April 8, 2017

Nature's Camouflage

Oh Dear! Oh Deer! I had not seen any deer in our little strip of woods since back in mid-March. You can see photos and read that post here. This morning, however, there were two white-tailed deer. As you can tell from the photo above, they were difficult to spot. I watched first from my sunporch and then slowly ventured out with my camera and long lens. I hadn't even noticed the smaller one below who had been lying down. They didn't seem alarmed by my presence; in fact, the smaller one came out of the brush and I was able to take this photo.  After all the rain we had last week, there is a little pond for them and when I checked later in the afternoon, they were still there.

I only watched them for a few minutes, so as not to worry them and then turned to the crocuses which survived our recent wild, wet, windy weather. Today was lovely and the weather folks say tomorrow and Monday will be glorious.

As for quilting this week, I have a quilt intended for a veteran all layered and about a third quilted. (Note to self: That's the last time that I will crawl around my bedroom floor trying to layer a quilt top, batting, and backing. Yikes!)

My friend Laurel came yesterday, and I spent all day prepping the tiny pieces for the applique block that I am working on from Yoko Saito's book Floral Bouquet. There are sixty-five tiny pieces! I am totally nuts! This block wasn't even part of the quilt pattern, but a stand alone pattern in the book. I liked it so much, I wanted to add it to the wall hanging that I am making. The good part is that while it took forever getting the pieces ready, because they are so small they will stitch up quickly. I hope.

Happy Spring!


  1. I look forward to seeing your block with 65 tiny pieces! It will be amazing!!!

  2. Hello Janice, I am a new follower of your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the entire blog from the beginning. I am laid up disabled so spend hours reading and stitching. What a great retirement you seem to be having. I love your stories of Emma, and your family, your photographs and related trips and of course your quilting. I am firstly an embroiderer who is taking tentative steps into the quilting world but there are so many things I still want to learn in embroidery too. It's exciting. I also have a little dog, his name is Kadar and he is a Jack Russell and full of character. I look forward to seeing your progress on the latest applique wall-hanging. You've even inspired me to look at my books to decide on a wall-hanging for my little flat. I think the crazy quilting has won out. We unfortunately don't have as many quilts shop as you do in America. England is sparse on the crafting side, I don't know why as they have a very rich needlecraft history. That's another thing I loved about your blog, the history and your book recommendations are great too. I was never interested in history at school but now devour everything I can find. Happy Stitching Mandy

    1. Thank you, Mandy, for your lovely comments. I'm so glad you have found my blog and are enjoying it. Please give Kadar a pat and a hug from me. :-)My Emma is waiting patiently to climb up into my lap as soon as I finish posting. Happy Easter!