Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Few Moments of Sunshine

The last three days have been wet, chilly, and definitely 'un-springlike."  So, when the sun made a brief appearance this afternoon, I took a quick shot of these grape hyacinths which have begun to naturalize in my backyard. The daffodils have been beautiful, but now most are mud splattered and wilted from the rain. If you are new to my blog, I think you would really enjoy reading the backstory of these daffodils, Full Circle, which I originally posted in 2011. It's a great story,  and if it hadn't happened to me, I might not believe it myself!!!

On the quilting front, today I finished all the quilting for my new art quilt based on a photo of my friend's parents. There were a few spots that still needed a bit of work, and then I attached a false back. Now I just need to get the right shade of fabric for the binding. I had considered doing a facing but felt this piece called for a regular binding. I'm also sewing down the binding on a patriotic  quilt for a veteran. This quilt will be ready to turn in at the next guild meeting of the Crosstown Quilters.

On another quilting note, I have added two new blogs to the side bar. I follow both of these blogs and love them . . . they are always day brighteners as both of these bloggers are positive, enthusiastic, happy, talented ladies - my kind of people!!! Bonnie Hunter of (Quiltville's Quips & Snips) is a rock star in the quilting world; sometimes I get tired just reading about all that she does! She is extremely generous with patterns, tips, and tutorials posted on her website. She teaches at guilds all over and posts about her adventures. She shares her fondness for antiques and if you love scrap quilting, she is definitely your lady. Anna at Woolie Mammoth offers wool and quilt tutorials and videos of her RV travels with her husband and faithful dog, Enzo. I particularly enjoy her videos of quilt shops that she visits. Quilter or not, check out both of these blogs, but be careful as you might just become hooked.

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