Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hidden Figures

We had two, warm, absolutely delicious days this week pushing sixty and so these little crocuses popped their heads up. Unfortunately, today and tomorrow we will be experiencing bitter cold, but not to worry, crocuses come back even after being covered in snow. I used the app Moku Hanga, an older app on my iPad, to render this wood block interpretation.

On Tuesday after our Crosstown Quilters Guild meeting, my friend Laurel and I went to see Hidden Figures, a very fine movie. If you have not seen it yet, I urge you to do so. It is wonderful. Reports are that many schools across the country are bringing students to see this movie, and I applaud this move. Not only will students learn about America's efforts to put a man in space, but they will will also learn about the struggle for racial equality. The movie focuses on three brilliant, black women and their valuable contributions to the space program. Why their story was unknown until now, is simply unfathomable. If you watched the Oscars last Sunday, you may have seen ninety-eight year old mathematician and physicist, Katherine Johnson on stage; she was one of the key figures depicted in the movie which again, I urge you to see. 

I am going on a quilting retreat soon, so the other day I did all the cutting for Gaelic Blessing, a pattern by Ricky Tims. It is a double Irish chain with a celtic cross centerpiece. I am using gold and a cream with tiny gold circles fabric for the cross. He used purple on his edges, but I will substitute the cream fabric again for those sections. Yes, I know, I already have a million other projects to finish, but when you go away it is fun to work on something new. :-)

Enjoy the rest of this very cold weekend!


  1. Have a terrific time on your retreat! Laugh, catch up and stitch. . .what can be better than that?!

  2. so glad you are seeing some flowers at last x Wonderful colours for your retreat x