Monday, March 13, 2017

Deer in Our Woods

I don't believe that I have ever written two posts in one day before, but I wanted to share these photos with you. This morning about 9:00, Emma began barking wildly while racing around the backyard.  She has spotted five deer in our woods. Now when I say 'woods,'' I am referring to a narrow section of trees and brush which separates the backyards of about five houses on my street from the backyards of the street behind it. There are houses on one end and a dentist office at the other. It is not deep or large by any means, but in the summer when everything leafs out, you can not even see the homes on the other side of the 'woods.' It's lovely! I'm explaining this because it creates a haven for all sorts of wildlife: turkeys, raccoons, foxes, small birds, you name it - we've probably seen it.

Anyway, I wasn't quick enough to get photos this morning, but sure enough at 1:00, the five were back with three of their dearest friends! This time I grabbed by good camera and my long lens and was able to capture these images. (Miss Emma was in the house so as not to scare them away.)

I'm sure they are looking for a safe place to shelter through the impending blizzard. (Just click on any of the photos to see a larger version.)

Get your bread! Get the milk! It's the rallying call echoing through supermarket aisles across the state.

Batten down the hatches, keep your shovels handy, and stay safe and warm tomorrow!


  1. Stay warm and safe. Deer are such graceful animals. You captured some great photos.

  2. Thanks, Terri. It was quite a surprise to see so many. No sign of them this morning. Hopefully, they are hunkered down in some safe spot as the snow is really coming down.