Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Glorious Cyclamen

 This gorgeous cyclamen had to come home from the supermarket with me this morning. (The $3.00 green Le Jardin pot came from Job Lot.) Later, I took Emma for her grooming appointment, and when I picked her up, she was sporting this pretty pink bow. If she looks slightly perturbed, it's because she was eager to get out and race around the backyard, but I was holding her up by taking a couple of photos. :-)

Emma had spent the last two weekends at a friend's home while I was on my quilt retreats. How very lucky am I that she is always welcome at her "home away from home." She had a great time playing with her canine cousins,  Harvey and Bailey.  :-)


  1. How terrific that Emma has cousins to play with when you are away from home! Your cyclamen is such a beautiful rich pink!

    1. It's so wonderful knowing she is being well cared for and having fun!