Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Yesterday, I got together with four friends that I have known forever and a day at our friend Jan's house.  We had planned to get together one Saturday before Christmas, but the weather hadn't cooperated.  After lunch, we exchanged small gifts. This year I gave each one a mug and a mug mat. Jan loves to bake, so she received this cupcake mat. Here are the other three.

For my travel buddy . . .

These messages are from a June Taylor "Inspirational Mug Mat" package which includes seven  messages printed on fabric along with individual patterns. I used the printed messages but made my own patterns to showcase the message and the fabric from my stash that I had selected for each one. I also had made two other quilt-themed mug mats that I forgot to photograph. One read something like, "If I sew fast enough, will it count as an aerobic exercise?"

Jan's gift to those of us with pierced ears was a pair of her pretty hand crafted earrings.

She also sent home for Emma a squeaky dinosaur toy which as you can see Emma was thrilled to receive.


May the year ahead bring us all health, happiness, fun, and lots of interesting adventures!!!


  1. I loved what a balance diet is! I need more cupcakes in my life! What fun, cut and heart warming gifts! Even Emma got to have fun! I hope the year ahead is all that you want and more!!!

  2. lovely way to begin the year .. with friends laughing and eating xx