Monday, January 2, 2017

My Quilt Year in Review

At the beginning of last year, I featured a few of my favorite quilt pieces that were completed during the course of 2015. Here are five of my favorites from 2016.  My crazy quilt wall hanging, Simpler Times - Photos from My Grandmother's Album, is the piece of which I am most proud.

This Row by Row Mermaid was great fun to embellish, and I wrote a series of posts about it back in July. My favorite post title was called Working for Scale on a Mermaid's Tail.

Though started in 2015, I didn't get my courage up until 2016 to quilt Happiness, a pattern by Jacqueline de Jonge.

I also finished this hand applique, David Taylor Hummingbird  piece.

A class with Marge Tucker led to my improvisational piece, Forever in Blue Jeans.

 I'm happy that I continue to explore all types of quilting. I am not happy that I am so bad about finishing larger quilts. It's embarrassing to admit that I have seven quilt tops piled up in the corner of my quilting studio. (By studio I mean a tiny bedroom but it is more fun to say my quilt studio. :-) So, my word for 2017 will be "FINISH." I, and furthermore, I resolve to quilt/finish one quilt top per month. Now I admit I had been sorely tempted when Bonnie Hunter announced her mystery quilt en ProvenceI had in my stash the necessary suggested fabrics and did begin making some of the first blocks. Then I stopped because of my resolve to not start any new quilts.  Everything was going fine until this morning when the completed quilt was revealed. It is lovely so you guessed it, there goes my resolve!!!

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  1. Please keep starting new projects. . .that is part of the fun of what we do! Finish is a good word. I too am going to try to finish one project each month. . .let's see how well that goes! I'm glad you are going to keep going on En Provence! I liked seeing your year in review. Your Simpler Times is one of my favorites!