Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Photo Year 2016 in Review

It was difficult to select my five favorite photos from 2016.  Actually, my very favorite photos are those of happy moments spent with my little cousins.  This photo was from September when five  photographers and I took a private photo tour of Connemara with Ireland West Tours. It was a truly magical day. Ireland is a beautiful country,  a dream for travelers and photographers alike.

One of the rewards for hours spent working in my garden is the joy of capturing with my camera the butterflies, bees, and ever changing blossoms.

These stacked, brightly colored canoes were photographed in NH. I have a similar scene from a previous year with these canoes in the snow .

And finally,  I just had to include this shot of Emma and her shadow because I love it!!!

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  1. The butterfly photo is my absolute favorite although. . .a close second were your garden tea photos.