Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Be Still My Hearts

The Quilters Connection Guild in Waltham is having its 40th anniversary show in June. Members have been asked to participate in a Ruby Red challenge by making a ten inch block design. Though I cropped the photo of my block for this post, it actually has a  2.5 inch border around all sides. The blocks will be mounted on canvas frames for display at the show.  The really exciting news is that Katie Pasquini Masopust will be speaking the night before the show. I will be sure to provide more details as the date approaches.

On another note, we can all agree that our recent election was the most divisive in modern history.  This cartoon in Saturday's newspaper reflects my feelings exactly. Having said that, on Friday, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as our 45th President. Though I was devastated by the results of this election, I respect the democratic process and will pray that somehow the rifts in our country will be healed.

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