Monday, December 26, 2016

Winter Cardinal

Here's one of the gifts that I made for Christmas. My neighbors enjoy feeding the birds so I thought this little 6"x12" quilted wall hanging would be perfect.  The pattern had caught my eye last spring when I saw it made up in a quilt shop in New Hampshire, and yes, I have a duplicate one cut and ready to sew for me. :-) I love that I found a package of tiny buttons with both bright and dark buttons to embellish the piece. Here's the pattern info in case you are interested.

I hope you had a perfectly lovely Christmas. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family, and it was wonderful. It's always fun to watch my little cousins open the gifts that I have selected for them. A highlight was the remote control race car with sound and flashing lights that would zip across the floor or even more exciting, climb the wall!!! It was a definite hit with the seven year old. :-) I have a cute photo of him and his four year old brother looking up as the car climbed up to the ceiling. The little guy asked if I would get him one to which his brother said, "No, you're too little; you have to be mature to use this toy. :-)  :-)  His little brother had been given a set of mini dinotrucks which he did like. And of course, having been an English teacher, everyone gets books including their moms.


  1. Sounds like a terrific holiday! The car climbing to the ceiling had to have been the toy that made the whole holiday the best ever for the seven year old! The little birdie wall hanging is precious!!!!!

  2. Love the wallhanging.
    I think I may borrow the 7year old's comment, about having to be mature to use this toy, the next time my hubby thinks it would be great fun to see how fast one of my machines can actually go! They never grow out of their desire for speed, thank goodness he keeps it under control in the vehicle. Well, at least when I'm with him,,, lol.
    Have a joyous new year

  3. hope that 2017 brings fun and laughter with family and friends xx .. oh and fabric and thread of course xx

  4. Love this little quilt and what a sweet gift. Happy New Year!