Monday, May 18, 2015

Valerie's New Digs

Kitchen counter space is highly overrated . . . at least that's what I will tell myself from now on since Valerie's new tank takes up quite a bit of space.   If you are a long time reader of my blog, you may remember Valerie's story. If not, here it is in brief detail. Shortly before I retired in 2009, some of our eighth grade boys decided to "liberate" some of the tiny feeder fish intended for Tank, the science room's turtle. Somehow, one of these tiny fish ended up on my desk. I named her Valerie in honor of our team's science teacher. At first, her home was a series of gradually increasing sized bowls. A few years ago I saw Valerie, the teacher, not the fish, shopping at a local store. I told her that her namesake was thriving, but about to outgrow her current bowl. She gave me a tank, and that was her next home. In recent weeks, it became apparent that she was outgrowing that tank as well, so on Saturday I purchased this swell new home for Valerie. I'm no expert in goldfish psychology, but it seems pretty clear that Valerie is happy as a clam in her new digs. ;-0

Did you know that goldfish may live to be twenty or more years old? What will I do in a few years if she outgrows this home?????????

Here are two photos from three years ago when Emma and Valerie first met.

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  1. wow... lovely new home xxxxx love to see the colours coming through... xx