Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Sampler

These first few photos have been in my camera since last week, but I didn't get around to posting them. I love these red tulips and grape hyacinths which grow each year in front of my neighbor's wall.

These ladders are in Lower Jackson Square. Twenty-nine members of the South Shore Camera Club showed up one afternoon last week to photograph the herring. Unbelievable! If you click on the  photo above, you can see that a turtle on the left also trying to swim up the ladder. It has always fascinated me how these fish make the long journey up the Back River from the ocean to reach their spawning site in Whitmans Pond. These ladders were constructed to help them along their way.

Unfortunately, some no sooner make it up against the current one level before being washed back down again.

A polarizer would have been in order for these shots, but trust me, there are hundreds of fish in this photo resting before attempting the ladders.

After their arduous journey, sadly many become someone's dinner. 

These guys simply ignore the posted signs.

Okay, so here's the really big news. I hadn't seen them, so I thought the hawks had abandoned the nest in my church's steeple. But no!!! If you enlarge this photo, you can see a tiny ball of fluff next to the mother. I watched for quite a while, but only saw this one quick glimpse of what I think is a baby. For sure, I'll be back tomorrow to check it out again.

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