Friday, May 1, 2015

Springtime Yellow - Part 2

My friend Ginny called the other day to tell me that her daffodils were absolutely beautiful this year, so of course, I drove down to her home to take a few photos. They grow along a low stone wall on either side of her front yard. These daffodils are descendants of the very same daffodils which were given to me so, so many, many, many years ago as recounted in the post Full Circle.

Through the years the bulbs have been divided and shared with many gardening friends.  Ginny said that when she happens to be in her front yard, motorists and bicyclist will often stop to tell how much they enjoy seeing them each year. They are truly the gift that keeps on giving pleasure to all who view them. 

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  1. Beautiful!!! I love how they line the old stone wall.