Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Field of Fabric Flowers

Last Friday night at our once a month evening quilt meeting at Heart in Hands, Stacey showed us how to make fabric and button flowers. We took a strip of fabric twenty-two inches by two inches and folded it in in half lengthwise. Next we gathered the raw edges and pulled tightly creating a fabric rosette. A button was then placed in the middle with tacky glue, and a pin was glued to the back. Here is mine from the other night.

Honestly, I couldn't picture myself ever wearing one, but I thought almost immediately that it might be fun to create a little art quilt featuring a field of these happy flowers, and so I did! The piece measures 12'"x 12."I varied the length and width of the fabric strips to create different size flowers.

Karen Eckmeier gave a wonderful presentation at the Crosstown Quilters Guild on Thursday. What a lovely, personable, creative lady she is. I used the technique she explains in her book Accidental Landsapes  to create the field for my little piece. The stems were cut from various widths of rickrack and the buttons were sewn on to anchor the flowers. I added a bee for an extra little touch of whimsy. This little piece now adds a fun pop of color in my kitchen.

On Saturday, Beth Helfter from Eva Paige Quilt Designs spoke at the Herring Run Quilt Guild meeting. Her talk was lively and fun, and I purchased a pattern which should be just perfect for an upcoming project.

Happy spring!

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