Saturday, May 19, 2012

Puppy School Graduate

    Here is Emma with Jenna, our instructor. I took three photos and while Jenna looks great in each photo, Emma is blurry in all of them. She's a bundle of constant energy.

   I don't want to brag, but Jenna said she was amazed at how well Emma responds to the "come" command. She said she couldn't ever remember having a puppy who was so fast and eager to complete this command. This is definitely where Emma excels. That's the  good part; we do still have to work on the "down" and "stay" commands. I'm going to work with Emma for awhile to be sure she has mastered these first commands before taking her to the intermediate classes in July.
     Emma enjoyed going to the classes, meeting other dogs, and receiving so much attention from other customers and employees in the store. My favorite comment came today from a man who asked me if she came complete with batteries when I got her. Huh???  He went on to say that she looked like a wonderful little toy dog and then proceeded to get down on the floor to pat her and make a fuss over her. She responded by licking his face and rolling over for a belly rub which the man cheerfully provided.


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