Monday, March 28, 2011

The Old Singer

     My grandmother's old Singer sewing machine is on display in my home. Though I never use it for sewing, I like looking at it. It originally was a  treadle machine. I don't know for sure whether my grandmother sewed a great deal, but with five children, I'm guessing she probably did. She taught my mom how to use  the old Singer. It seemed as if every year my mom would make new curtains. (Come to think of it, whenever we became separated in a department store, my brother and I always knew exactly where to find my mom . . . the curtain department. She just loved looking at curtains and perhaps was seeking new ideas.)
     When I was little, my mom would use the Singer to make wonderful outfits for  my Ginny doll. It's one thing today to make clothes for American Girl dolls which are eighteen inches tall; it's another thing to have made pants, dresses, coats, blouses, etc. for a seven  inch doll. To do so  must have taken an enormous amount of talent and patience. My aunt often made dresses for me to wear, and my mom would then take the extra fabric and create a matching outfit for my doll. Sweet memories. . .

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