Sunday, February 3, 2019

Game Day Ready - Super Bowl LIII

After yesterday's Herring Run Quilt Guild meeting, I stopped to do an errand at the Derby Street Stores in Hingham where I photographed this totally 'cool' Tom Brady ice sculpture.  As you can see, Emma is game day ready and wearing her Patriots scarf that she received when she was groomed on Thursday.

On Friday, I went on an impromptu quilt shop fieldtrip with my friends Laurel and Edith. The first stop was  Ryco Creative Sewing Center in Lincoln, Rhode Island. This store has a number of Youtube videos that you might enjoy. My mission was to find fabric for the sashings, borders, and backing of my floral hexagon quilt. Success!!! Mission accomplished!!! Lincoln, RI is not far from Franklin, MA, so of course, we also visited Emma's Quilt Cupboard and Franklin Mill Store. We had a fun time, but boy was I tired when we got home. :-)

Here's the book that was next up on my nightstand. I always read a chapter or two before turning in. Girl on the Leeside by Kathleen Anne Keeney was a good read. Siobhan had been raised by her Uncle Kee since she was a toddler and shared his love of Irish poetry and folklore. One day a visiting literary scholar comes to visit and Siobhan's life begins to slowly change. Each chapter begins with a quote from one of Ireland's great poets. I'll admit that the story begins slowly, but the reader is gradually drawn in to the world of Siobhan and Uncle Kee and the village where they live.  The author's descriptive writing is in itself quite lyrical. It's a novel that will reward you if your stay with it.

Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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