Thursday, February 7, 2019

Valentine's Day Rag Wreath

My cousin Kristin and her girls came for Ladies Lunch yesterday as it was an early release day from their school. Miss T. also brought along a friend. Miss Emma was delighted to have the company. When we came back from lunch, I had a craft project ready for the ten year olds; the newly turned thirteen year old worked on it for just a bit. :-)

I had picked up a heart shape wreath at the dollar store and had pre-cut a large pile of red, pink, and white strips. The strips were cut 1'' by 6," but another time I would cut the strips a bit longer. The red pieces were from this Xmas wonky tree, paper pieced quilt that is currently on my sofa. I had made it in a class at Ann's Fabrics in Canton a number of years ago; I'm not exactly sure how long ago that was. [Note to self: Don't forget to put a label on each quilt!!!]

Anyway, I had saved all of the green and red scraps from that quilt in a plastic, zippered pouch in which you get sheets and pillowcases. H'mmm . . . maybe I'll find a shamrock shaped wire wreath, and I will be able to use up my green scraps next month. :-)

There are many tutorials for rag wreaths online, but it super simple. If you want to be neater, you could use a pinking blade in your rotary cutter when cutting the strips. My wreath is hanging on the front door, so a man on horseback trotting by won't see all the threads and uneven strips.  I think it turned out great!!!

While doing an errand this morning, I drove by the Tufts Library. The fencing is up!!!! It's really happening!!!! In two years we will have a brand new library on this same spot. I have attended a number of the library planning meetings, and it looks to be an exciting project. I thought that it would be interesting from time to time to document the construction.

Well, that's it for now. Time to go do some grocery shopping . . .

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  1. Love your Valentine wreath, so fun and festive. Yay about the library, that is fantastic news.