Tuesday, February 5, 2019

"Goat on a Boat" or "The Lord of the Rings"


 I'm not sure which headline I saw that I liked better, "Goat on a Boat" or "The Lords of the Rings." Police estimate that there were a million people gathered at the championship parade as duck boats rolled through Boston today.

The weather was an unbelievable 65 degrees on this bright February day. . . perfect for the parade.

Bill Belichick was smiling and waving . . . really . . . he was smiling and doffing his cap. 

Owner Bob Kraft kept mouthing 'Thank you" over and over to the crowd. The players all appeared to be having as much fun as the crowd.

MVP Julian Edelman


And one more of the goat . .  .

It was a championship celebration for New England and all members of Patriots' Nation.

During all of the the pre-Super Bowl programs, the game itself,  all of the post-game programs, and today's parade I managed to do a whole lot of hand stitching. My wool applique piece is nearly finished.

With this incredibly warm weather, Emma and I took a long, enjoyable walk. Tomorrow's temperatures is will be back to normal after today's glorious taste of spring.

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