Sunday, February 24, 2019

A Tintype Surprise

I view teabag art as fun and interesting though I hadn't tried it myself. The other day I was reading a blog post about printing images on teabags. That sounded intriguing so I grabbed a couple of teabags that I had previously prepared and gave it a try. My results were far less than successful, but undaunted, I do intend to give it another try soon.

Anyway, I had thought that it might be fun to print an image from an old tintype that I had tucked away. I searched in my desk and located a few tintypes of people I couldn't identify before coming across this tintype of my father's parents who were married in 1902. The tintype image is quite dark, but I was able to lighten it for this post.

Tucked in the tiny envelope was another tintype of a young boy.

Examining it closely it was clearly my grandfather as a young boy; for the ears are exactly the same on the boy and the man. The photographer had applied a tiny bit of pink to the cheeks which was a common practice with tintypes. That's not the surprising part. I was stunned to see how much the image looked like my brother seen below between my friend Cathy and me. I couldn't stop looking at the amazing, incredible resemblance. What a pleasant and fascinating surprise!

By the way, I often refer to Cathy as my forever friend. As you can see, we really have known each other forever. :-) We were all smartly dressed for her birthday party held in her backyard. She had recently emailed me this cute photo (FYI: I'm the one on the left with the long banana curls :-)

Below are two quilted incubator covers that I made this weekend when I got together with quilting friends in Stoughton. These covers will be donated to a Boston hospital.

This afternoon I also finished three pillowcases which will be donated to charity efforts at our guild.

Have a colorful, full, fun week ahead.

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Mereknits said...

Very fun post today Janice, have a wonderful week.