Monday, June 20, 2016

Last Two Crazy Quilt Blocks

Here are the final two crazy quilt blocks for my piece, Photos from My Grandmother's Album. The caption under the above photo in her album was "Houghs Neck 1906." My grandmother is the young woman on the middle rung. She is second from the left in the wading scene below.

Once I finish zigzaging the edges of the twelve blocks to prevent raveling, I'll put them on my design wall to come up with a pleasing arrangement.

Quite some time ago, I had purchased Allie Adler's Crazy Quilting Class on Craftsy, but then never got around to watching it until last week. As I had hoped, in the last section, she discusses several ways to put blocks together and finish the quilt or wall hanging. So far, I've made a book of crazy quilt blocks with cigarette silks featuring actresses from the turn of the last century and a smaller piece featuring three photos of my father's mother, but nothing quite like this so her tips and information were invaluable. If you are new to my blog, and would like to see these previous crazy quilt projects, please click here  and here.

I really love crazy quilting whether it be selecting the fabrics, doing the stitching, or adding the bits of embellishment, and I already have ideas for my next two projects!  :-)


  1. Love your crazy quilt blocks so far. gorgeous work.

  2. Wonderful blocks! So sweet and meaningful! I look forward to seeing your arrangement!--Terry