Thursday, June 16, 2016

Glimpses of My Gardens

I've been spending hours and hours gardening in the last two weeks. Here's are few peeks at what's currently in bloom.

Yesterday, I saw an online tutorial for a fun piece of garden art. All I need to find is a whimsical or colorful teapot. I did check a local thrift shop with no luck, but I left with two colorful bud vases which I thought might be cool in my garden. I cut two different lengths from an old bamboo pole and simply slid the vases on to the rods. Now, if I could just find at least one more vase. . .

Speaking of garden art, my favorite piece is a black metal miniature schnauzer wearing Emma's old red collar.  Emma graciously agreed to pose with it in exchange for a treat.

Hawk Update: The family has left the nest atop the church that I attend. Here's an image taken last week. Hopefully, these avian parishioners will return again next spring.

1 comment:

  1. wonderful colours .. esp. the extra blue and green from your sculptures... that would cost a fortune in a "posh" shop xxx