Thursday, May 29, 2014

My First Crazy Quilt Piece

     Yesterday, I finished my first crazy quilted piece which features photos of my dad's mother. I had recently discovered the top two photos in an envelope at the bottom of a wooden chest. I don't recall having ever seen them before. The middle photo was a daguerrotype. Though it was somewhat faded, I was able to work with the image and then print them on fabric. I used two different brands of photo transfer sheets, but unfortunately, I didn't keep track of which one I preferred. I'll be sure to do that next time I print photos onto fabric. 

My grandmother, the daughter of a Civil War veteran, was born in 1872.  She and my grandfather had four daughter and my dad. All of them are now gone, but I know my aunts would have loved seeing  this piece since they were all very skilled in the needle arts. I have beautiful embroided tablecloths and napkins, crochet doilies and antimacassars*, etc. that they made. Notice the multi-colored pink, cream, and aqua piece of tatting on the right side of the block. It was done by one of my aunts many, many years ago. The piece was just long enough to allow me to incorporate a small section in each of the three blocks. I purposely chose the similarly colored piece of batik to blend with this tatting.

I enjoyed working on my first crazy quilt piece and already have plans for two more pieces.

     *** In case you were wondering, an "antimacassar" was a piece of cloth or crochet which was placed on furniture to protect the furniture from hair oils. "Macassar" was a type of oil used in years past by men to flatten down and make their hair shiny. 

   *** Some of the trims were purchased, but the embroidery stitches and beading were all done by hand.

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