Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pope Francis in the USA

     This evening, Pope Francis concluded his historic six-day trip to the United States. Though I was not lucky enough to have been in Washington, D.C., New York, or Philadelphia, I did spend many, many hours watching the coverage of his visits to these great cities. These photos were taken with my iPhone 6 from the TV set. The coverage by CNN and MSNBC and other networks was outstanding.

     Papa Francisco's words challenged politicians and members of the clergy on a number of important issues.  His powerful words spoke to the hearts of all who heard him at each of the many stops on his journey.  What a great blessing it was to have him visit our country and to see this good and holy man if  only through the medium of television.

     While I was writing this post, I kept pausing to go outside to see the lunar eclipse. Thank you, Kristin, my wonderful godchild, who sent me a text message; I would have totally forgotten about it.  While I was outside, my neighbor encouraged me to try getting some photos with my long lens. I was skeptical that I could get any good photos, but I did take a few which I will post tomorrow.

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