Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Day of Fall - 2015

     It doesn't seem possible that summer has come to an end so soon. Time to pack away the summer decorations and turns to shades of orange and gold. Yesterday after a lovely lunch with friends in Plymouth, I stopped at a craft store to purchase the makings for a new door wreath. Before making the wreath, I decided to see what door decorations I already had from last season. I came across the above decoration which was a bit sparse and not very impressive, so I took apart some of the newly purchased  items and began weaving them into the existing framework. No hot glue gun necessary and filling out its frame made quite a difference. 
     As I mentioned, yesterday I had lunch with some fellow retired teachers as we do each month. On Monday, I had gone to another monthly lunch with another group of retired teacher friends.  Monday's lunch was also in Plymouth where both days the the food and friendship was wonderful and the weather absolutely gorgeous.

     This weed caught my eye as I was leaving a quilt guild meeting at our local library on Tuesday morning.  I'm not sure of its name, but this weed is pretty enough to grow in anyone's garden.

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