Monday, March 16, 2015

Snowfall Record Broken!!!!!!!!

Good News! We have officially broken the winter snowfall record in the Boston area!!! Yesterday's 3+ inches have put us in first place in the record books. The remarkable thing is that 107 inches fell just in February alone. Think what we could have done if the snow had started back in November. On second thought don't consider that as it might push some snow-stressed folks over the edge. :-) While happy that the record  has been broken, most are now more than ready for spring's arrival in a few days.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am doing the "Mistletoe Lane" BOM from Bunny Hill Designs at the Heart in Hands quilt shop in South Weymouth, and here is the first completed block. It is fused appliqué and each element is outlined in zig zag stitches. There is also some hand embroidery involved; in this case, the window sashes are stitched. The pattern instructions call for the addition of little pockets, so that it becomes an advent quilt. I'm not including the pockets and may leave out a few other elements. Buttons and other embellishments will be added after the quilt top is quilted.

Did I need to make another Christmas quilt? No, but I loved the color palette, and it looked so sweet displayed in the shop that I just couldn't resist.

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