Thursday, March 26, 2015

Basket of Flowers

Yesterday my friend Laurel came for a day of quilting. I spent the morning working on this piece for the Row by Row quilt that I have been working on and off on. The basket  and the leaves and stems were soon done, but I was unsure of which colors to select for the flowers. I should say that the pattern given out by the quilt shop called for four different background fabrics which I felt was a bit too busy and for all five flowers to be a very, very dark purple. This would never do in my quilt. I was auditioning color choices when we decided to break and go to lunch at our favorite breakfast/lunch spot Nikos in Lower Jackson Square. On the counter they had small vases with various flowers in each. One grouping in particular caught my eye, and those are the colors I chose for this piece.

This row is raw edge fused appliqué, and it has not been stitched yet. Today is a grey, dull day with rain on the way so I thought this cheerful piece would brighten things up. Another bright spot . . .I'm meeting friends for lunch. Life is Good!!!

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