Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An Absolutely Glorious Day

      Blue skies and temperatures hovering in the fifties . . . could there be anything better after the weather we have been having???  I had plans to spend the day sewing, but spring fever has me in its grips. It was warm enough to get a layer of grime, grit, and salt removed from my car so first stop was the car wash. Next a quick stop at the fabric shop for some fusible web for the BOM that I am working on. So far so good . . . My mistake was to go out on my sunporch. It was sunny and seventy degrees. My next mistake was to lie down on the sofa out there for just a moment or two. Well, let's just say that Emma and I both had a very long, sweet nap.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Sunday afternoon, my friend Marilyn and I went to see this movie. I enjoyed Dev Patel and the cast was the same as the original with the addition of Richard Gere. While the sequel had a few funny moments, overall I would say it was a tired, somewhat dull movie. The dancing scenes were the only bright spots, and a few more would have added some life to the piece. If you saw and enjoyed the first movie, you will probably enjoy this as well, but I am only giving it a C/C+. For fun, I looked back at my review in May of 2012 of the  Best Exotic Marigold Hotel   . That movie received a B- from me.

     Well, I've had the windows wide open for a few hours to bring in some clean fresh air, but now it's time to go close them. After that I might actually do some sewing.

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